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Project:                 PAVE - Home Depot Competition
Location:              Stores Nationwide
Client/Owner:    The Home Depot
Softwares:           Revit, Lumion, Adobe CC
Class:                    Studio III
Dates:                   06.2018-08.2018


Easy navigation and efficient service will drive the design for the reinvented spaces within the Home Depot. To begin the journey, customers will be greeted by an orange apron, a warm smile, and a smart device intended to enhance their shopping experience. Relationships between each Home Depot and its community will continue to grow stronger with the integration of spaces meant to do just that.

The Garden Center will serve as a one-stop shop that will both ease the shopping experience while educating with the introduction of starter kits and workshops.
The Design Center will serve as a community studio, displaying the latest product offerings alongside seasonal products while offering programs that allow manipulation of desired interior spaces.
The In-Aisle Station will serve as a workstation and kiosk intended to gain knowledge for current and future home projects.

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