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Project:                 Boutique Hotel Kastað
Location:              Reykjavik, Iceland
Client/Owner:    Iceland
Softwares:           Revit, Lumion, Adobe CC
Class:                    Studio V
Dates:                   01.2019-05.2019


Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is a destination in need of a unique space that will melt away with the surrounding landscape. The boutique hotel will serve as an extension of the neighboring experience by greeting visitors with lush greenery, exposing them to fascinating skies and engulfing all with waters of desirable temperatures.  The design will focus on the juxtaposition between the comforting interior environment and the exterior elements exposed throughout. Imitating the opposing forces of the Eurasian and the North American tectonic plates, the space evoke a sense of calmness with the use of neutral colors, concrete and wood while contrasted with the use of basalt rock created by the cooling lava from the native volcanoes.   Kastað will be designed to synthesize two diverging forces that transcends into a unified experience.

Square Stage

Award Winning Project

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