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Project:                 Restorative Urban Community
Location:              Miami, Fl.
Client/Owner:    Miami
Softwares:           Revit, Lumion, Adobe CC
Class:                    Studio VI & VII
Dates:                   01.2020-Present


As the world’s population continues to grow, the planet and its inhabitants are experiencing declining mental and physical health. Living in these conditions has been known to create a stressful atmosphere that can lead to depression, anxiety, and even a feeling of hopelessness. Unfortunately, the lack of funding and even understanding of the benefits of integrating biophilic design within cities has generated significant push back for such additions. 

The hotel/community center will be designed with a focus on wellness and improved overall well-being.  The clients and users will be all who wish to learn, experience, and transform their current life-styles into a more holistic and rejuvenating one.  The space will also serve as a destination for all who feel they need to improve their current psychological and physical self with the help of a design that will restore and renew.

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